Cath Dry HD

Cath Dry HD

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Cath Dry is a dressing designed by a physician for patients with central venous catheters. The dressing allows for safe showering while minimizing the risk of infection by keeping the catheter in a sterile environment and free of contaminants. If you have not showered or gone swimming because you have a catheter then Cath Dry is for you!

  • Retail box contains 12 dressings
  • 20cm in length - if you require a larger size, they are available in XL (30cm length)
  • Do not re-use


  • Sterile - designed to be the permanent dressing between dialysis
  • Water Resistant - showers and swimming (up to 20mins)
  • Moisture indicating - indicator turns red to warn of water ingress
  • Single use - designed to be disposable after each use
  • Breathable - allows moisture to escape and oxygen to enter
  • Compact & flexible - not intrusive
  • Transparent - allows for exit site monitoring
  • Latex free - hypoallergenic

Benefits for patients and professionals:

  • Improved Hygiene
  • Decreased Risk of Infection Including MRSA
  • Greater confidence
  • Better Quality of Life
  • Fewer hospitalizations



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