Juzo Classic Seamless Toecap Right - Class 1 (18-21mmHg)

Juzo Classic Seamless Toecap Right - Class 1 (18-21mmHg)

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Juzo® Classic Seamless Toe Cap

Discover unprecedented comfort in toe compression therapy


Juzo Classic Seamless Toe Caps are setting new standards in oedema therapy. The anatomical shape of big toe and toes along with the enclosure of the big toe basal joint ensure an optimal and secure fit. The top border at the wrist and the finger extensions are especially soft and pressure-minimised. This prevents the borders from rolling up, thereby avoiding any constriction or pressure points.

The 3D comfort zone in the sensitive area between the big toe and the 2nd toe prevents the fabric from creasing and protects the skin from irritation. It is designed not to restrict the toe movement in any way. The innovative seamless fabric is breathable, thereby assuring a comfortable skin environment. Being soft and smooth as well, it guarantees an especially high wearing comfort and easy putting-on and taking-off.

Left and right foot specific 

Material composition:  24% spandex, 79% polyamide

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