Juzo Easy Fit XL

Juzo Easy Fit XL

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Juzo Easy Fit Donning and Doffing Aid

The put-on and pull-off aid for support and compression stockings

Compression and support stockings need to have a skin-tight fit for the effective support of the vein and lymph vessels with the fitting closest at the ankle. People with restricted mobility, may find it difficult to put on compression or support hosiery so a special donning technique is necessary in order to bring the stockings to the narrowest part over the foot and heel. 

Juzo Easy Fit Donning and Doffing Aid simplifies donning (put on) and doffing (take off) significantly. It ensures the stockings are donned and positioned correctly by stretching the stocking allowing the foot part to be inserted easily. A fixing element attaches the stocking for doffing and facilitates the doffing of the stocking. 

Prior stretching of the stocking reduces friction ad protects the skin. In addition, the fabric of the stockings is protected against damage.

Extra Largefor ankle circumferences over 26 cm