Steve+ Complete application aid for compression hosiery

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Steve+ Donning and Doffing Aid - The new way to put on and remove compression stockings.

With Steve+ you can easily put on and remove all types of stockings, with or without assistance. This can be done either sitting or lying down.

  • Unique design works for getting stockings both on and off
  • Great if you have back problems, arthritis or hip problems
  • Works if you cannot reach your toes
  • Adjustable length handles
  • Longest reaching handles on the market
Available in four sizes:
  • XS (calf circumference = 25-30cm)
  • S  (calf circumference = 30-38cm)
  • M  (calf circumference = 38-46cm)
  • L  (calf circumference = 46-54cm)